Our Approach

Our approach for Sign Language Program to develop your sign language or learn a new sign language as a new communication skill. There are four important parts to your new sign language journey.

1. All of our Sign Language Program videos are concentrated programs where you can learn in a short period of time.

2. You are able to learn one of our Sign Language Programs anytime and anywhere. It means that you can learn at your own pace without attending any of sign language classes.

3. When you need more support you can attend to one of our Sign Language classes on Zoom by joining to one of our membership program. There we will support your sign language journey. Our Membership Program provides Zoom classes, Deaf Café on Zoom, Facebook support group, workshops and blogs. This can increase your sign language skills and allow you to learn sign language in no time!

4. All of our instructors are Deaf as well as native sign speakers. We feel that this is very important because you are getting first hand training from people who use the language the most.

Our Program

Our Sign Language Programs are concentrated videos where you can learn in a short period of time. You will notice the duration time is in a concentrated time frame but you will learn so much in one video. For example, one of our Basic American Sign Language programs is 31 minutes long. It has 7 lessons and 170 signs in that program. Most traditional sign language programs stretch it out to learn everything.

We offer a self-paced, learn from home program with support. We have found that this delivery method offers our students the most flexibility so it can fit into any lifestyle. When you purchase one of our sign language program videos, you will receive an email from us with a video link where you can watch and learn sign language. You can watch it at any time. This allows you to pause your video and you can watch it later.

Becoming a Member