Please reach out to us for any kind of customized programs such as: individual private lessons, group lessons, workshops, corporate, conference, events, consultation, small business, church or any kind of customized program you can think of. You can schedule a time online for us to create your own program, whether that be 1-on-1 or for a group. If you are looking for corporate packages, please contact us directly to discuss program details and tailored packaging. We are looking forward to working with you. We do offer hourly or package rates depending on what kind of program that you need.

Learning has never been more interactive. Our program allows you to learn at your pace while connecting to real people. Our teachers work with all our clients actively to help them achieve their goals, big or small. Our Zoom calls are something we look forward to and we strive for all our clients to feel the same way, too. We are looking forward to working with you.

We are sharing daily short learning videos on our Facebook and you can easily learn some sign language in American Sign Language, Finnish Sign Language and Quebec Sign Language in our Facebook posts. Follow us there and be sure you click like so that you will not miss our daily new post of mini sign language videos.

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