When someone uses the phrase “Hearing Impaired” it causes the Deaf or Hard of Hearing community to cringe because it is perceived to be a degrading word. Most Deaf and Hard of Hearing people would prefer for people to use terms such as “Deaf or Hard of Hearing” instead of using Hearing Impaired. The word “hearing impaired” makes it seem as though we are second class citizens, broken of sorts. For example, most people do not use “visually impaired” when someone’s eyes require glasses in order to have better vision. Most people use a phrase like: “I need glasses” or that their vision is a number like 20/20. No one wants to feel inadequate or outcast due to their speaking in signs instead of out loud. When someone has suffered a hearing loss they will either use hearing aids, cochlear implants or will use sign language to communicate. Let us choose our words wisely to bring the community together!